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= Kevin Fenzi =
= Kevin Fenzi =

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Xfce4-logo2.png This user is a member of the Xfce SIG.

Kevin Fenzi

Greetings. I am a full time Linux sysadmin/tinkerer. I work at, LTD and work on Fedora in my spare time.

Things I do/work on in Fedora:

  • I'm Chairman of FESCo for this cycle, as well as having served as a member since FESCo existed.
  • I am a CVSAdmin, and process CVS requests for new packages or branches.
  • I'm a packaging Sponsor and help review and sponsor new packagers.
  • I (co)maintain the Xfce packages in Fedora, as well as many others.
  • I Help run the IRC Support SIG group to try and improve support on #fedora on freenode.
  • I Help out as time permits in #fedora on freenode.
  • I run the fedbot thats used in #fedora
  • I Help maintain the Xfce spin and am active in the SPINS sig.
  • I am in EPEL-releng and help process requests there as well as run EPEL meetings.
  • I create the nightly live image composes for testing.
  • I am in the sysadmin-tools group and help manage and create new mailing lists.

And probibly other things I can't recall. ;)

You can get a hold of me via email:

Email: [[MailTo(] Email: [[MailTo(]

Or via on various of the #fedora-* channels. My IRC nick is 'nirik'.

The review template I currently use for reviewing Fedora packages: KevinFenzi/ReviewTemplate