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Xavier Lamien

Contact Details

  • Nickname: SmootherFrOgZ
  • Language: French, English
  • Blog: Sth'Blog
  • Personal repository:
  • GPG-KEY: F3903DEB
  • Fingerprinter: 0F2A 7A17 0F1B 82EE FCBF 1F51 76B7 A28D F390 3DEB
  • E-mail  : laxathom AT fedoraproject DOT com
  • Jabber :
  • VoIP  :
  • IRC  : SmootherFrOgZ on all fedora's channels from

TO UPDATE : Involvement in the project

Involvement in Fedora Project

  • Active Maintainer and Sponsor for FPC
  • Active Member of Packaging Guidelines Steering committee
  • Active Member of EPEL Steering committee
  • Active Member in Infrastructure team

French Support

  • French Ambassador for the west indies (France DOM) and France
  • Writer on the french fedora related website


Deliverables for FUDCON Dec 2009

As an infrastructure team member, i'm going to be (mostly) close to other team member(who will make it at FUDCON) in order to meeting them on different project which still are in pending state such as:

Calendar (from where I need to iimprove a candidate sofware I maintain and which is developing by my company) Fudcon can be a good time to sync on this project.

Fedora Cloud (there're a couple of tasks we can/need to work on at hackfest time. Make some plan for official start) also, thinking to give a talk session.

Fedora Account system ( Where i'll go ahead to improve FAS and make it better usable outside of the Fedora infrastructure by meeting FAS dev members) and etc.

Also, work on Virtualization side and contribute to help on hackfest and other talk session as usual.

Funding estimation

Plane ticket : 530 euros (at this time. This could be shipper by november)
Hotel : due to my location (France) I'll need to book from friday night to monday night.

## TO UPDATE ## Packaging Contributions

Note to self : bind this to fedora-pkgdb as a best place

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