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* '''Fedora Account''': lbazan
* '''Fedora Account''': lbazan
* '''E-mail''': []
* '''E-mail''': []
* '''IRC''': LoKoMurdoK @ - #fedora-es, #fedora-ambassadors, #fedora-latam
* '''IRC''': LoKoMurdoK @ - #fedora-es, #fedora-ambassadors, #fedora-latam #fedora-pa
* '''Blog''': []
* '''Blog''': []
* '''Twitter''': []
* '''Twitter''': []

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LoKoMurdoK: Luis Bazán


Luis Bazán

I started using Linux in 2003, seeking new horizons in the computer world today work with linux as one has the opportunity to change 100% of your OS and create new projects. I like the security issue, security projects based on forensic and especially the creation of software. I am a systems analyst and network administrator.

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Fedora Ambassadors Panama

Fedora Mentors

Fedora Campus Ambassadors

Package Mantainers

Fedora Infrastucture

Fedora Localization

Fedora Free Media

Fudcon Panama 2011

FAD2k11 Intensive Intruducción and RPM packaging for Fedora standards