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* '''IRC''': LinuxKnight, on #hamradio, #linuxhelp, #fedora-ambassadors
* '''IRC''': LinuxKnight, on #hamradio, #linuxhelp, #fedora-ambassadors
* '''GPG key''': 0x987558A1
* '''GPG key''': 0x987558A1
* '''Fedora Account''': LinuxKnight
* '''Location''': Portland Oregon, USA
* '''Location''': Portland Oregon, USA

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Matt McKenzie


I've been involved with Linux in one way or another since RedHat 5.0, which was the first time I tried it out. Since then I have kept up with RedHat through release 9, and then Fedora through all releases so far, Core 1 through release 9. I also use several other distros at various times, right now Debian and Ubuntu, but I always have at least once machine with Fedora on it. I have also tinkered with most all of the other mainstream distros: Mandrake/Mandriva, SuSE, Slackware, Gentoo, Knoppix, Linux From Scratch, TurboLinux, Caldera, Corel, Storm, Stampede. I also have experience with OpenBSD and FreeBSD, and a little with Solaris.

I have been active in LUGs for many years, in southern CA with OCLUG and UUASC, and now in Portland Oregon with PLUG. When I was in OCLUG I helped at SCALE expo, and I also created and coordinated our own mini expo called Linux Demo Day, which was basically just one booth at a local computer store, several OCLUG guys running demos of Linux, and passing out schwag and Linux CDs. This year I helped at the Fedora booth at O'Reilly OSCON.

Currently I am a site support technician for the Portland school district, before that I've held several other positions. One of my more technical Linux positions was a Systems Engineer for eRacks in southern CA, which sells Linux/BSD rackmount, desktop and laptop systems. I have since rejoined them as a remote consultant.


Activities within Fedora

  • Ambassador
  • O'Reilly OSCON2008
  • Software Freedom Day
  • Possibly create a Spin of Fedora for Ham Radio operators