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Andrea Modesto Rossi

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Hello everyone, my name is Andrea Modesto Rossi. I was born on 11-17-1978 and i am a Fedora Ambassador based in the city of Pavia, Italy. I am a long time Red Hat and Fedora user. I have used it since 2002. GNU/Linux is actually my first (and only :-) ) operating system. I'm very enthusiast about GNU/Linux and Open Source Software, so I'm trying to spread Fedora in my country.

Academic Degree

  • Laurea in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Pavia (Italy)
  • RHCT: 605007404713987


  • Email: litie AT fedoraproject DOT org , amrossi AT linux DOT it
  • IRC: amrossi out in #fedora-it, #fedora-mktg, #fedora-meeting
  • Fedora Account: Litie
  • GPG key: EB4E4A44
  • Location: Pavia - Italy
  • Company: Spike Reply ( [1] )

Activities within Fedora