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= Fedora Campus Labs =
= Fedora Campus Labs =

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Fedora Campus Labs


Provide a install media to build a complete laboratory server based in Fedora to be used for general purposes such as teaching, development etc.


  • Support various install methods (DVD, Pendrive, Netinstall, etc)
  • Provide networking core services (DNS, DHCP, FTP, HTTP, Proxy, Webserver, etc)
  • Infrastructure to perform unattended workstations install (Kickstart and PXE)
  • A full mirror of current Fedora release and updates

Hardware requirements

  • An Intel Compatible processor (preferable 64 bits)
  • At least 4 MiB of RAM
  • A SATA hard disk with at least 250 GiB
  • Two network interfaces with PXE support (preferable Gigabit Ethernet)

Possible uses

  • General development teaching laboratory
  • Fedora packaging classes
  • Translation



  • Define project requirements
  • Create a kickstart for server installation
  • Create kickstarts for workstation installation
  • Create a RPM containing server settings
  • Create scripts to populate local repositories and sync updates