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* '''Fedora Account''': markdude
* '''Fedora Account''': markdude
* <del> '''Fedora Blog''' </del>
* <del> '''Fedora Blog''' </del>
* '''Vanity Site''' [ |]
* (510) 228-4646
* (510) 228-4646
== Activities within Fedora ==
== Activities within Fedora ==

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[edit] Mark Terranova


I love FOSS, free culture & Creative Commons.

Geek-At-Large for Partimus and

[edit] ME

  • Email: mark AT
  • IRC: MarkDude #lindependence, #BAMF, #Fedora-Ambassadors, #Fedora-Join
  • Fedora Account: markdude
  • Fedora Blog
  • (510) 228-4646

[edit] Activities within Fedora

  • Fedora Ambassador Mentor for North America
  • Marketing Team
  • Design Team
  • Fedora Videos
  • Fedora rocks. I love advocating for this project, from the Foundations to the part about being excellent to each other.
  • I like dealing with the public, teaching what Linux can do & putting CDs that represent freedom into their hands.
  • Part of a group forming a local Fedora Community Bay Area Mentoring Fedorans

[edit] Fedora's todo list

ALL Hail the Beefy Miracle!