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Henrikas Jurkauskas

G’day.I work within scientific research field and I am pleased to lead those who are discovering/lost their way to this distro. In respect to those who guided me up to this level I reciprocate the 'asset' to those who are in demand. If you are running scientific experiments on HPC and faced an issue (do not use that concept starting with p.) I am more than happy to assist you in finding the best solution.

Public key for hosters

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDkggV+gOXHDu/3w6OMxZ/JzT85eav96bBfYqFPb1s8OrEBV52/aTBCsa54oqE9IvSk1OeUEfAW+dzt860y2aoZD81H42ry+NnB/IZUAGV1CcaGMD655q9+M1shNPjc5r1g+N+GzpG3HR8eTm8Ivlr/Dosvju9KqvsVEFloL/g84vjCsPNaHSdg0QqLxxEdmE7JZzPahx0er+Ghwasdfdfyhdfgq354trgdfgdfyhfgsfjh7745246jhgDDFGDhsdfTyNax8hHyss7bxmr1kqhjREw3Io4ZL8O1dYaZLGu3T8hDLkuaU0Te3 toor@restructuredentropy on Fedora


  • hjurkauskas[X]gmail where X stands for @.
  • 'GPG key' : [1]


  • Location: Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Time zone: UTC +02:00 (CET) or UTC +03:00 (CEST).


  • Languages: English, Russian, Lithuanian.

Area of Interest

Interest - architecture and systems design, virtualization such as KVM, Xen and VMware solutions. Speaking in fashionable terms IaaS and further. EC2 and S3 hand-on experience.

Activities within Fedora

  • Ambassador: Lithuania/Vilnius