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== Current goals and projects ==
== Current goals and projects ==
I will be working with the [[Community Architecture]] team on [[Professors Open Source Summer Experience]] (POSSE) during Summer 2009, and Other Nifty Things To Be Determined As They Come Up. More details forthcoming - this is going to be awesome.
* Working with Greg from the RH/Fedora side to make [ POSSE 2009] happen and ''totally rock.'' (80%-ish)
* Working within the [[Websites]] team (in partnership with the [[DocsProject]] and [[Marketing]] folks) to make Fedora's website Better. Step 1: Define "better." (20%-ish)

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My name is Mel Chua, and this page describes the Fedora-related projects I'm working on. Feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, or ideas you might have, or check and see if I'll be traveling near you sometime soon.

Quick reference

You might be looking for...

  • My talk page - for leaving me a message.
  • My projects - to see what I'm working on, have worked on, or should/would-like-to work on.
  • Daily reports - what I've been doing
  • My braindumps - Thoughts in progress that are not yet fully formed or ready to go to main wiki. Probably inaccurate, half-baked, or some combination of the two. You have been warned.
  • /Templates - things I've made that may be useful for wiki-users.


I come to Fedora via my work at OLPC, where my interest in community-based QA and support began. As someone with an (electrical and computer) engineering background with a passion for self-directed learning, my strongest interest is in bridging the worlds of undergraduate and graduate education (particularly for engineering and business) and open-source practice. In addition to hacking code and hardware, I also enjoy building university-based programs, running (and speaking and teaching at) conferences, unconferences, and hackathons, wrangling wiki pages, mailing lists, documentation, and curricula, and whatever else it takes to get the job done.

Current goals and projects

  • Working with Greg from the RH/Fedora side to make POSSE 2009 happen and totally rock. (80%-ish)
  • Working within the Websites team (in partnership with the DocsProject and Marketing folks) to make Fedora's website Better. Step 1: Define "better." (20%-ish)