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'''Email:'''              mchua{at}   
'''Email:'''              mchua{at}   
'''IRC:'''                mchua on [[Communicate#IRC|freenode]]
'''IRC:'''                mchua on [[Communicate#IRC|freenode]]

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Mel Chua
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Fedora Information
FAS name: mchua
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IRC nick: mchua
IRC channels: #teachingopensource, #fedora-cloud, #eucalyptus, and others.
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I'm a grad student working on my PhD in the Engineering Education department of Purdue University. My research focuses on the space between how hackers learn and how engineers are taught - in other words, how to make college classrooms more like open source projects. This page describes the Fedora-related projects I'm working on. Feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, or ideas you might have. (more detailed bio)

[edit] Administrivia

Email: mchua{at}
IRC: mchua on freenode
Personal website:

[edit] Quick reference

You might be looking for...

  • My talk page - for leaving me a message.
  • My projects - to see what I'm working on, have worked on, or should/would-like-to work on. (note: somewhat deprecated)
  • Daily reports - what I've been doing (note: deprecated)
  • My braindumps - Thoughts in progress that are not yet fully formed or ready to go to main wiki. Probably inaccurate, half-baked, or some combination of the two. You have been warned.
  • /Templates - things I've made that may be useful for wiki-users.
  • /Sandbox - for playing with wiki syntax.
  • /Newcomer convo - an example of a student's first IRC chat.

[edit] Interests

I come to Fedora via my work at OLPC, where my interest in community-based QA and support began. As someone with an (electrical and computer) engineering background with a passion for self-directed learning, my strongest interest is in bridging the worlds of undergraduate and graduate education (particularly for engineering and business) and open-source practice. In addition to hacking code and hardware, I also enjoy building university-based programs, running (and speaking and teaching at) conferences, unconferences, and hackathons, wrangling wiki pages, mailing lists, documentation, and curricula, and whatever else it takes to get the job done. I spent 2.5 years at Red Hat as a member of the Community Leadership Team focused on both Fedora and education outreach, which took the form of working with the Teaching Open Source community.

[edit] Current goals and projects

No big Fedora projects at the moment - but I'm open to ideas. ;-)

[edit] Older goals and projects