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|image= DSC5131.jpg
|image= DSC5131.jpg
|location=Limassol, Cyprus
|location=Limassol, Cyprus
|fas-name= Misaakidis
|IRC Channels=#fedora-el #fedora-ambassadors #ubuntucy #ubuntu-gr #ellak
|IRC Channels=#fedora-el #fedora-ambassadors #ubuntucy #ubuntu-gr #ellak
|GPG Key=6D5999D6

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Marios Isaakidis
Marios Isaakidis
Personal information
Location: Limassol, Cyprus
Homepage: [http:// ]
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GPG-Key: {{{gpg}}}
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: Misaakidis
Fedora Email:
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Jabber: {{{jabber}}}
IRC: {{{irc-nick}}} on
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Marios Isaakidis

Hello! My name is Marios Isaakidis and I I am currently studying Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at Cyprus University of Technology. In cooperation with New Technologies Club of Cyprus University of Technology we are preparing a FOSS team in Limassol.

Open Source Software Activities

  • Member of ΕΛΛΑΚ (greek Open Source community) and of campaign OneLaptopPerChild for Greece
  • Member of Ubuntucy (Cypriot Linux and open source community)
  • Translator of projects like Limewire, Ubuntu, MeTV, Firefox...
  • Member of Ubuntu Gaming Team (follow me on launchpad)
  • Firefox Rep of Cyprus
  • Fedora Ambassador of Cyprus

Events participated or organised

  • [Participated] [Infosystem 2009 (Thessaloniki, Greece) (27-28/11/2009)]
  • [Participated] [Free Software Conference 2009 (Nicosia, Cyprus)]
  • [Co-Organized] [Free Software Conference 2010 (Limassol, Cyprus) (29/04/2010)]
  • [Organized] [Fedora 14 Release party + 2 Billion Firefox Downloads (Limassol, Cyprus) (18/11/2010)]

Future Activities

  • Join FOSDEM 2011
  • Organize OpenSource and Creative Commons Movies night, late December
  • Join a developing/packaging team
  • Help more students of my university contribute and use linux and open source software! [it works!]


  • IRC Channels: #fedora-el #fedora-ambassadors #ubuntucy #ubuntu-gr #ellak
  • Email: