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== OpenShift ==
== OpenShift ==
Lately, I'm working on [[ OpenShift]].
Lately, I'm working on [ OpenShift].
== Fedora Packaging ==
== Fedora Packaging ==

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[edit] Marek Mahut

My name is Marek Mahut, Open Source Advocate.

Mmahut red head.jpg

[edit] OpenShift

Lately, I'm working on OpenShift.

[edit] Fedora Packaging

I'm also maintainer of few packages in Fedora and EPEL, sadly with limited time. If you like to have your preferred software in Fedora, put it on WishList !

[edit] Contact

  • Email: mmahut
  • IRC: marek or pyxel joined to #fedora-cs
  • GPG key: 0x87822BA5
  • Fedora Account: mmahut

[edit] Bookmarks