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* [ Raspberry Pi]
* [ Raspberry Pi]
* [ CubieBoard]
* [ CubieBoard]
* [ ODROID-X2]
= Activities within Fedora =
= Activities within Fedora =

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Michal Toman
Michal Toman
Personal Information
Birthplace: Trencin, Slovakia (UTC+1)
Home: Brno, Czech Republic (UTC+1)
Fedora Information
FAS name: mtoman
Fedora email:
IRC nick: mtoman
IRC channels: #abrt #fedora #fedora-arm
Fedorapeople page:
Miscellaneous Information
Private email:
GPG key: [1]
Homepage: [ ]
RHCE Certificate: {{{rhce-cert}}}
RHCT Certificate: {{{rhct-cert}}}
Gtalk: {{{gtalk}}}


Software engineer at Red Hat.

Member of ABRT Team and current maintainer of Retrace Server and ABRT Server.

Also a huge ARM enthusiast owning several "toys":

Activities within Fedora

More contact