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'''About me:'''
I am a Low German software translator since summer 2009. I also coordinate the following teams: lp-l10n-nds, ubuntu-l10n-nds, GNOME Low German, TP Low German and the umbrella project for Low German translations on Sourceforge "".
'''Low German:'''
Low German is spoken by about 10.000.000 people worldwide. Varieties of Low German especially exist in Germany, Netherlands, Danmark, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Russia, Canada, USA, Mexico, Belize, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. Since 1994 Low German is officially accepted as a minorities language by the European Charta, that needs to be protected for its cultural value. Low German is, next to German, an official language in the states of Northern Germany. Today Low German still tends to be a language, that is mainly spoken in the private area. Linux benefits from this fact, because the user immediately feels more familiar with his / her operating system, when being accosted in this privately used language. 
Translation guidelines:
Umbrella coordination project:
'''Related translation projects:'''

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