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Sergey Podushkin

Email: psv AT abbris DOT ru

Homepage: My page on livejournal

Fedora Account: neverho0d

Member: Fedora Ambassadors

Language: English, Russian

Location: Tomsk, Russian Federation

Activities within Fedora

I work on foundation Open Technology Center (it's a working name of the project, so I think it may be changed) in Tomsk. I hope that it will be based in Tomsk State University and will be good base to develop new technologies and practicies, with common benefit for education, innovation and collaboration in Siberia as well as in Russia in whole.

I intend to promote Fedora in Russia, particularly in Tomsk.

I intent to maintain local Fedora repository as well as repositories for Fedora derivatives (I do now this for CentOS).

I am author and maintainer of OfficeMaster project (in russian only, sorry), that initially built in Fedora 6 and ported to current RHEL/CentOS.