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(Events & Workshops)
(Events & Workshops)
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== Events & Workshops ==
== Events & Workshops ==
'''FUDCon APAC Beijing'''
'''[ FUDCon APAC Beijing]'''
*Fedora Videos
*Fedora Videos
*Fedora Women
*Fedora Women

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Nitesh Narayan Lal
[[Image:|thumb|center|Nitesh Narayan Lal]]
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Home: Noida India
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FAS-Name: niteshnarayan
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IRC: niteshnarayanlal on Freenode in
#fedora-india #fedora #fedora-devel #fedora-mktg #fedora-design
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I am currently working with Freescale Semiconductors and loves to contribute to Fedora project in my spare time.

[edit] Events & Workshops

2014 FUDCon APAC Beijing

  • Fedora Videos
  • Fedora Women



  • Fedora Project Introduction at JMI New Delhi
  • Qt Application Development Workshop
  • Chrome Extension Development Workshop

[edit] Fedora Activities

  • Fedora Packaging

[edit] Other info