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Yan Naing Myint


Hi. I'm natively a RHEL based Linux administrator. I've got about 5 years in linux field. I'm now using Fedora as a desktop. I'm featuring and have plan to promote Fedora in my country by my team.

Personal Information

  • DOB: February 8, 1989
  • Nationality: Myanmar
  • Lives in: Yangon
  • Religion: Buddhist


  • Email: orcakrilozona AT fedoraproject DOT org
  • IRC: My nick is "Orca-Krilozona" in #fedora #fedora-social #fedora-mm #fedora-apac #fedora-ambassadors #fedora-mktg #cyberwings #cyberwings-helpdesk channels on freenode irc server.
  • Facebook: link Orca-Krilozona
  • Fedora Account: I'm orcakrilozona on the Fedora Account System

Activities within Fedora

  • I'm forming a technical support team for Fedora in my country.
  • I'm going to promote & feature Fedora in my country as much as I can.
  • I have a secret page, offering supportive technical solutions to my friends and anyone who interests in Fedora or RHEL based Linux.
  • I am teaching people about Fedora in both, CLI and GUI.

Activities with Fedora Project - Myanmar Community

  • Site admin of - link Fedora Project - Myanmar Community
  • Managed to host Fedora Project - Myanmar Community's Very First event ( Introduction of Fedora Linux ) at Orchid City Hall Hotel
  • Was invited and discussed with the topics "Introduction of Fedora Linux" at IT Camp hosted by University of Computer Studies, Yangon
  • Involved in discussions at BarCamp Yangon 2014 with the topics of "Introduction of Fedora Linux" and "Virtualization on Fedora Linux"
  • Involved in discussions at BarCamp Mandalay 2014 with the topics of "Introduction of Fedora Linux" and "Virtualization on Fedora Linux"