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Pascal Calarco


I am a manager and systems librarian of a team of 10 at the University of Notre Dame in northern Indiana, USA. We have about 25 RHEL servers in the Libraries, including a 10-server RHEL GFS-connected server cluster for the library enterprise applications we manage in my department. I have been using Fedora as my everyday desktop OS since Fedora Core 2, and promote Linux with everyone I run into. I am most interested in desktop uses of Fedora.


  • Email:
  • IRC: pcalarco on freenode; spotted on #fedora
  • GPG key: 66E70EC6
  • Fedora Account: pcalarco
  • Blog: Pascal's Place

Activities within Fedora

Some of the things I have done and continue to do in the Fedora Project include:

Other detail: