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* '''IRC''': juhp
* '''IRC''': juhp
* '''GPG key''': [ EF27EDD1]
* '''GPG key''': [ EF27EDD1]
* '''VoIP''': (ddi ext no extension 5100050)
* '''VoIP''': (dialin extension 5100050)
== Activities within Fedora ==
== Activities within Fedora ==

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Jens Petersen


  • Email: petersen at redhat com
  • Fedora Account: petersen
  • IRC: juhp
  • GPG key: EF27EDD1
  • VoIP: (dialin extension 5100050)

Activities within Fedora

I am a engineer in Red Hat's Internationalization Engineering team.

Projects and SIGs


For a complete list of my packages see the current list in Fedora Pkg Db

Old packages

Packages seeking a new owner: ddskk, emacspeak, flim

Former maintained packages: autotools, emacs, xemacs

Former packages that could be resurrected: skkinput, wl