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Paul Howarth

Location: Sale, Cheshire, UK

I've been using Linux since first playing with an SLS distribution in the mid-nineties, and have been running my home (and lately, work) networks on Red Hat/Fedora based machines since Red Hat Linux 5.1. I work as a VLSI chip designer in the Manchester area of the United Kingdom.

I used to have a list of packages I maintain here but that's grown a bit large and unwieldy of late. The majority are perl modules that need very little attention. I'm an active member of the perl SIG and help out with fixing the perl ecosystem after mass rebuilds etc.

I'm also a sponsor for new contributors, and currently sponsor:

  • Bill Pemberton
  • Dan Nicholson
  • Deji Akingunola
  • Duncan Ferguson
  • Felix Schwarz
  • Paul Johnson
  • Thomas Sailer

My Fedora Badges: Failed to decode JSON.