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= Pierre-Yves Chibon =
= Pierre-Yves Chibon =
* French Fedora user
* French Fedora user
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*Jabber : pingou -AT- jabber-fr -DOT- net
*Jabber : pingou -AT- jabber-fr -DOT- net
[[Category:Ambassadors from France]]
[[Category:Ambassadors from France]] [[Category:Ambassadors_from_the_Netherlands]]

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Pierre-Yves Chibon

  • French Fedora user
  • I helped to write the French documentation on Fedora-fr
  • Actual location : Wageningen, Netherlands (Else Paris, France)
  • I have been approved as a contributor to Fedora
  • Developer of the project R2spec


  • E-Mail : pingou -at NOSPAM- pingoured -dot STILLNOSPAM- fr
  • IRC: pingou on #fedora-fr #fedora-devel-fr #fedora #fedora-devel #R #bioinformatics
  • Jabber : pingou -AT- jabber-fr -DOT- net