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Peter Jones


  • Email: pjones at redhat dot com
  • IRC: pjones on freenode
  • Fedora Account: pjones
  • Time Zone: EST5EDT
  • Location: Cambridge, MA

About Me

I work in the installer group at Red Hat, which is part of the Base OS group.

Most of the work I do has to do with anaconda, dracut/mkinitrd, and bootloaders. I'm also one of the upstream kernel maintainers for iBFT parsing code and the EFI framebuffer driver.

I'm a member of the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee.

I do stuff.

Do not say "ping". Ask the question or don't.

Stuff in the future

  • GRUB2 "completed boot" support
  • grub2 SB locking
  • grub2 not using LoadImage/StartImage
  • shutdown --firmware
  • sbsetup - basically all of it, also --enroll-rom
  • efi rom hash dumper
  • modelist EDID dumping
  • tiano trap handlers / tracebacks
  • uefi standalone mode switching app
  • Features/SecureBoot

Stuff in the past