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My name is Abdel G. Martínez L.. I born on November 20, and I live in Panama City, Panama. I'm Information and Computational Systems Engineer. I have been GNU/Linux user since 2009. I started using openSUSE because a friend of mine introduced it to me at university. Then I investigate about Linux distributions, I found Fedora and I felt that it fits very well on my assignments. I think that Fedora is the best Linux distribution.



  • python-simplemediawiki



Actual Tasks


RPM Packager

  • py-tex
  • python-pisa


  • RPMDEV Warzone

Abdel G. Martinez L.

Abdel "potty" Martinez

Personal Information


  • potty

Country - Region:

  • Panama, Rep. of Panama


  • November 20


  • Spanish (native)
  • English



IRC nick:

  • potty



Fedora Badges (61)

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