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Greetings, earthlings! I'm Robyn Bergeron. I do marketing "stuff" for Fedora. Market research is my thing, and strategic marketing / general strategy development is something i consider fun and exciting. But really, marketing stuff in general I can pick up on fairly quickly, so I can wear many hats. :D

I am, as I say, a domestic household engineer, which means I have 2 kids, a man, and usually something planned for burning for dinner. In my former lives I have been a business analyst, a market research analyst, and I'm also a recovering sysadmin. I have no official employer, unless you ask my kids, who quite possibly think that I work for them. :)

In my copious spare time (ha ha ha) I do enjoy a little bit of television (house, mostly; bsg was my former poison. I occasionally pump out the quilts, I have an endless stack of books to read (I like humor, biographies, economic theory), and I make an effort at least once a month to beat up my printer.

How to find me

  • IRC: rbergeron - I'm on #fedora-mktg. Note the N at the end of my nick - unfortunately, rbergero is owned by someone else!
  • email: robyn DOT bergeron AT
  • fedora account: rbergero
  • facebook:
  • blog: You may occasionally see my posts on - this is the blog where my posts originate from.
  • fedora talk: My phone should be arriving anytime now from stickster, who is da man. Thanks stickster!
  • IRL: I live in Flagstaff, Arizona. If you're going to be in the Northern AZ area, or even in Phoenix (I'm there a -lot-) -- shoot me a mail and we can hang out!