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Greetings, earthlings! I'm Robyn Bergeron.

About me

I'm the Fedora Program Manager. I generally take care of the Fedora Schedule and wrangle Features as part of my $dayjob at Red Hat. I also am the Marketing team lead currently, and I facilitate the Cloud SIG meetings and wrangling. I'm also a Fedora ambassador, and frequently travel to events where Fedora has a presence, particularly if they are on the western side of the country, or if I can wrangle myself a speaking spot. I'm also the program manager for other Red Hat projects (clustering and other awesome stuff!), and I also help out with the oVirt project in a wrangling-type of way.

I organized the 2011 North American FUDCon in Tempe, Arizona. I'm happy to answer any questions you have about planning a FUDCon, or you can use the FUDCon planning mailing list to get advice as well.

Looking for schedule information?

The current schedule can always be found here.

Additionally, if you're the super planning type and planning on aligning a feature or package in a future fedora release, schedules are available through Fedora 20 for your perusal.

Please note that future schedules are subject to change, are not set in stone, and may still have bugs in them; however, the major dates, such as release dates, freeze dates, and feature submission dates, are fairly close to accurate.

Previous release schedules can be seen here. Thanks to my predecessor John Poelstra for being awesome, and leaving things in good enough shape for me to be able to figure them out. :)

Fedora 8 Fedora 9 Fedora 10 Fedora 11 Fedora 12 Fedora 13 Fedora 14 Fedora 15

How to find me


2012 Events Where I'll Be

  • FUDCon:Blacksburg, January 13-15 done!
  • SCALE 10x, also known as the Southern California Linux Expo, January 20-22. I'll be giving a talk on Cloudy things. done!
  • Southeast LinuxFest is a never-ever-miss event, and is moving this year to Charlotte, NC. June 8-10.
  • Red Hat Summit. Boston 26-29. Check out the page dedicated to Fedora's presence at this event.
  • Ohio Linux Fest, September 28-30, in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Other stuff: TBD! I'm always happy to come out and talk or help out at an event where Fedora folks are gathering. Feel free to send me mail about doing such a thing.


I've talked at a few conferences, and someday I'll link that information here.