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Robert Antoni Buj Gelonch


  • «English Language Certificate, CEFR», The UOC School of Languages (present)
  • «University Master's Degree programme in Information Technology Security», UOC (present)
  • «University Master's Degree programme in Computer Engineering», UOC (present)
  • «University Master's Degree programme in Free Software», UOC (present) / Skills:
    • GNU Linux
    • Networks & Distributed Systems in Open-Source Software Environments
    • Development of Open-Source Software
    • e-Commerce Systems in Open-Source Software Environments
  • «Postgraduate Master's Degree in Microsoft .NET Solutions», UOC / Skills:
    • Microsoft .NET Framework
    • Microsoft's Winforms, ASP.NET, and Mobile
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Microsoft's Team System, Sharepoint, and Biztalk
  • «Training Course in Handel-C & DK Design Suite», Celoxica Ltd. - Abington (UK)
  • «Training Course in Xilinx EDK & Microblaze», UAM
  • «Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Robotics Specialization», UOC / UDL / URJC
  • «Advanced-Level Training Cycle, Computer Software Engineering», Les Heures - Technical academy

Employment – Historical

  • R&D Necso entrecanales y cubiertas, La Moraleja, Madrid
  • R&D University of Lleida, Lleida, Spain
  • Indra, Lleida, Spain