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Sandro "red" Mathys

I'm trying to keep my page up to date and include every bit that is interesting to others. Drop me a line if you have suggestions on how I could improve it. Also, I'm aware that my English skills are far from perfect - you are very welcome to help me if there's something wrong.

About myself

Sandro Mathys
  • Name: Sandro Mathys
  • Nickname: red or red_trela or red_alert
  • Location: Zurich, Switzerland - Tokyo, Japan from January 2014.
  • Time zone: CET (UTC+01:00) and CEST (UTC+02:00) during summers - JST (UTC+09:00) all year round from January 2014.
  • Year of birth: 1985
  • Languages: English, (both Swiss and standard) German, and very basic Japanese
  • Education: Graduate Engineer in Enterprise Computing
  • Profession: (OpenStack) Cloud Architect at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ), Switzerland
  • Certifications: RHCE
  • Awards: European RHCE of the Year 2010



Fedora user since, well, Red Hat Linux 6.2. Active Fedora Contributor since 2007, but my roles have changed a few times over the years. Currently, I'm evolved in cloudy matters (mostly Fedora cloud images and OpenStack).

Activities and Roles

In one word, my activities and roles are ever-changing. Both my professional and my private interests have shifted a few times and I try to only stick with a role for as long as I seem to add value to the Fedora Project, Working Group or Special Interest Group. Also, my time is limited and therefore I sometimes have to set priorities. So my current and former activies and roles include:

  • Contributor to various OpenStack-related efforts both up- and downstream (RDO, Packstack, Puppet-OpenStack, QA)
  • Contributor to the Fedora Cloud Image (mostly QA and some experience-sharing)
  • Member of the Fedora Cloud SIG (mostly through the above two points)
  • Occasionally still active in former roles (doing package reviews, promotion at events / spreading the word about Fedora, QA, etc.)
  • Former member of the QA team, mainly involved in release QA
  • Former Proven Tester, mostly reacting to somewhat important requests in #fedora-qa or on the test list
  • Former Package Maintainer of several small packages - one left over
  • Former founding member of the Community Working Group (CWG), left after the Code of Conduct (CoC) and the CoC Enforcement were approved
  • Former Fedora Ambassador, still often seen at events
  • Former member of the infrastructure team, doing rather unimportant, small tasks regarding Fedora Hosted


List of events I attended or plan to attend in future in chronological order, earliest first.

Future events

  • OpenStack Icehouse Summit in Hong Kong, China

Passed events

Other work done