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= Flash 64-bit (native) Installation HowTo =
This is not needed. Please, visit Fedora's official [[Flash]] HowTo.
This HowTo covers the Flash 64-bit native plugin installation on Fedora 10.
{{Admon/important | Be aware that, at the moment of the writing of this HowTo, the Flash 10 plugin is in alpha development state; don't expect it to work perfectly and try to contribute a bit with bug reporting at their bug management site; at: [ Adobe Bug and Issue Management System] }}
The installation instructions have been interpreted from: [ Adobe Labs' Linux 64-bit Alpha Release Notes]
== System Requirements ==
* Fedora 10 (others untested)
* Firefox
== Procedure ==
=== Remove all previous Flash installations ===
[renich@introdesk ~]$ su -c 'yum remove flash-plugin'
=== Remove nspluginwrapper ===
Since nspluginwrapper is said to degrade performance [ (known issues)], we must remove it.
[renich@introdesk ~]$ su -c 'yum remove flash-plugin'
=== Download the plugin ===
At the time of the writting of this HowTo, you can download the plugin from [ here]. Please visit [ Adobe Labs] for more information.
=== Extract it ===
[renich@introdesk Download]$ tar -xzf
=== Move it into place ===
If you want to install it for personal use or you don't have access to root privileges, just copy it into your home directory's .mozilla/plugins directory. Create if if necesary.
[renich@introdesk Download]$ mkdir -p ~/.mozilla/plugins && mv ~/.mozilla/plugins
If you want to enable Flash 10 globaly, you can install it on the /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins directory.
[renich@introdesk Download]$ su -c 'mv /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins'
== Testing ==
Open Firefox and go to your favorite Flash-enabled site for a test.
== Troubleshooting ==
Please, be sure to follow the steps located at: [ Flash Player's Installation Notes]
== References ==

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This is not needed. Please, visit Fedora's official Flash HowTo.