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Gergely Rakosi
Gergely Rakosi
Personal Information
Birthday: 1977.12.06.
Home: H-2161 Csomád, Hungary
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: rgeri77
Miscellaneous Information
private Mail:
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IRC: rgeri77 on Freenode in
#fedora #fedora-ambassadors
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My name is Gergely Rákosi from Hungary, 33 years old. I live in Csomád with my family.I have six years old daughter, and three years old son. I work for my own IT company. My clients are very variety. There is a school,financial company, lawyers, solar technology company, estate, etc. I use Fedora from Fedora Core 2. The "morphing" was very painfull, and its about 2 months. But now i use Fedora all territory of my life. I use it in my job, at home, on my notebook, and my multimedia player. So, it have many ways. Oh, i almost forgot, my wife use Fedora, and my dad too...and many of my friends. So I distribute it to my friends with success.



  • Skype: rakosi.gergely (Csomád)
  • Mobile Phone: Ask on irc, or email

My Hobby in Fedora

I tested many games under Fedora Linux. Most of that games are running with Wine. Now im using Fedora 18 64 bit, with self compiled Wine. My notebook use optimus technology, so i have a very rough way to play games. I think 2013 will be very big shoot about Linux Gaming, if we look around. We have Steam for Linux, more and more companies will release Linux client their games, Wine is evolving very fast (Farcry3 is running with Wine), etc.

Here you can check some videos -->

Here are the pictures from events and games -->

Fedora in my job

I use Fedora on my servers in hosting, and at my clients. Usually these are Fedora 14-18 64 bit systems, with iptables, samba, openldap, ignition, ftp, http, dovecot, postfix, postgrey, clamav, spamassassin, postgresql, etc. On the Desktop part, some of clients are using Fedora on the Desktop.

Activities within Fedora


  • I applied to be an Hungarian Fedora Ambassador, to introduce Fedora in Hungary. My mentor is Zoltan Hoppar.

My first organization, with Zoltán was Fedora 15 Release Party. At there we created "Fedora Heartbeat" party. The meaning of that, we meet 2-3 months, and discuss the Fedora "business".


  • Fedora Terminal
  • Fedora Mascot
  • Interview some Fedora Users and make a short Fedora video


Events so far:

  • Fedora F15 Lovelock release party - 2011. 05.28 - Gerand Hotel Touring, Budapest - organiser
  • Linux Free Software Conference, Szeged - 2011. sept. 23
  • Fudcon Milan - Milan, - 2011. sept. 30.
  • Linux Free Software Conference, Budapest - 2011. nov. 12
  • Linuxwochen Vienna - 2012.may 4-6. FH Technikum Vienna, Vienna - ambassador, booth supporter, speaker
  • FUDCon Paris as ambassador, HU Team supporter - 2012. okt. 13 - 15
  • Virtualisation Day Hungary as ambassador, booth supporter, Budapest - 2012. nov. 23
  • Linux Free Software Conference, Budapest - 2012. dec. 8

Upcoming events:

  • Fedora 18 Release Party - 18:00, 18. February 2013 :-) Event page: [1]
  • Csomad'd day - July 2013
  • Hegyalja fest - July 2013
  • Majalis in Városliget - May 2013