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MostafaDaneshvar headmostafa.jpg

I'm Mohsen Saeedi from Iran. I'm using Fedora 10 as OS now.I work with linux when Redhat 7,3 released. My field of interest is Infrastructure, security, translating and programming.

Here You can find some information about me.


  • Email: My E-mail (feel free and send me an email, you no Mr SPAM)
  • IRC: mohsensaeedi on #Fedora-ir
  • GPG key: 0x842337B9
  • Fedora Account: saeedi

Activities within Fedora

  • As a linguist I want to contribute in translation of Fedora in different languages that I know.
  • I know following languages : Persian, English.
  • I am Moderator of [1] .
  • Translator in Persian Team
  • providing help in IRC (fedora-ir) for our local users

My plans

  • make our wiki for Iranian community
  • make available off-line support for my community in Iran
  • stablish an official and registered community
  • A fedora conference in Iran