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== Contact info ==
== Contact info ==
Email: [[MailTo(]
'''Email''': [ salimma AT], [ michel.sylvan AT]
IRC nick: ''hircus''
'''IRC''': ''hircus''
== Fedora activities ==
== Fedora activities ==

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Michel Salim

Contact info

Email: salimma AT, michel.sylvan AT

IRC: hircus

Fedora activities

Fedora Extras

I maintain assorted board game-related packages:

  • quarry, a board game GUI supporting the Game Text Protocol
  • gnugo, the GNU Go engine; supports GTP
  • grhino, a Reversi engine with both its own GUI and GTP support

some Python software:

  • python-nltk, a natural language toolkit. (obsolete)
  • python-nltk-lite, the successor to python-nltk
  • zeroinstall-injector, an installer used by the ROX desktop
  • Django, a web framework (under review)

some programming languages:

  • Vala , a C#-like high-level language for GNOME programming
  • Nickle , a C-like prototyping environment

I also maintain gai, a framework for writing GNOME panel applets, and gai-pal, a virtual "pet" that can display a fortune cookie or another program's output.

Fedora Free Media

I am a member of the Free Media program, focusing on delivering x86_64 DVDs starting in December 2006.