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Contact info

Email: salimma AT, michel.sylvan AT

IRC: hircus

Fedora activities

Package ownership

I maintain multiple packages; see below for an incomplete categorized list.

Programming languages

  • The Falcon programming language (review)
  • Ikarus Scheme, an R6RS Scheme optimizing compiler
  • Nickle , a C-like prototyping environment
  • Scheme2Js, a Scheme to Javascript compiler
  • Vala , a C#-like high-level language for GNOME programming
  • gedit-vala, a collection of Vala plugins for the gedit editor



  • quarry, a board game GUI supporting the Game Text Protocol
  • gnugo, the GNU Go engine; supports GTP
  • grhino, a Reversi engine with both its own GUI and GTP support


  • bti, a command-line Twitter client
  • rlwrap, a wrapper for readline



Under review

  • JoCaml, Join-calculus extension to OCaml
  • pure (review), the Pure programming language


There are some packages that I have contributed to, but am not co-maintaining (yet):


Some of the reviews I have either completed or am working on.


Also see the full list



Fedora Free Media

I am a member of the Free Media program, focusing on delivering x86_64 DVDs starting in December 2006.