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Documentation for the Clojure feature

Fix Clojure packaging to comply with our guidelines

This is almost complete -- will land the changes once Kushal and myself can verify that the change works on RHEL 6 as well

Package Leiningen dependencies

(NOTE - for "depends on", please only list either components that are not packaged yet, or components that are part of the Clojure packaging queue)

Package Depends on Bugzilla# Koji Bodhi URL
clojure-contrib clojure-maven-plugin #830287
clojure-maven-plugin fest-assert #830278
lancet #830398
leiningen clojure-contrib, clucy, lancet, robert-hooke
robert-hooke #830709

Package Leiningen

Ensure Leiningen is configured to use the system Maven repository

This is not a deal-breaker as we can just invoke lein pom to generate a Maven POM file and then follow the normal Java packaging guidelines

Ensure that the default Leiningen project templates refer to the packaged versions of Clojure libraries

Package Clojure frameworks

Interesting frameworks and tools we should package (please add to this list, but not if they are dependencies of already-listed tools)

Create a packaging guideline for Clojure packages