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Sandeep Shedmake

  • Email: Sandeep Shedmake
  • IRC: sandeeps. Available on #fedora-l10n, #fedora-i18n, #fedora-docs, #fedora-devel, ##fonts
  • Fedora Account: sandeeps


  • Marathi coordinator for Fedora, GNOME, & LibreOffice
  • Marathi localization lead for Mozilla Firefox
  • Maintained samyak fonts
  • Working as Language Maintainer (Marathi) at Red Hat Software Services (India) Pvt. Ltd., Pune-India.
  • Provided patches to pango-indic module & lohit font development
  • Web development (MVC architecture) using Ruby on Rails

Packages I Maintain

Community Events

I like to meet and discuss with people on localization (l10n), internationalization (i18n) & Linux

My fedora projects