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Sindre Pedersen Bjordal

Sindre 'foolish' Pedersen Bjørdal is a student at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway.

Contact Information

  • Fedora Account: sindrepb
  • E-Mail: [[MailTo(]
  • IRC: foolish on Freenode and GIMPnet
  • Jabber:
  • MSN Messenger:
  • Forums: foolish
  • Languages: English (en) and Norwegian (no)

GPG key: SMOLT ID: [1]

My Fedora Community Roles:

SindrePedersenBjordal OSDeveloper.png OS Developer SindrePedersenBjordal PeoplePerson.png People Person

My main contribution is maintaining a handful packages for Fedora. These are listed on my koji page