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BuildSystem Specs

This is where we will put the specs for the web interface we need to build

DB Schema

UI Requirements

Basic original requirements for personal repos:

  1. auth to fas
  2. data to get:
    1. name of repo
    2. srpms to build (urls to them)
    3. urls to the repos to use for other build deps
    4. base fedora/rhel tree to build from
  3. some way to query this data from the build manager

NON-UI (rest-ish) requirements

backend process requirements/design

master process which spins off builds

  • count of number of builders it can make
  • way to make new ones and to destroy old ones
  • place to store the results
  • url schema for referring to its own repos from "the world"

pruning repos

  • policy on how long things are kept
  • handles exclusions/exceptions
  • warns on removals N days in advance and repeatedly

repo editing/managing

  • handle requests from ui to delete from a repo and rebuild repodata
  • handle requests to modify repodata (add group file, for example)