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Danishka Navin

I am the Language Maintainer for Fedora Sinhala (The National language of the Sri Lanka) and also an active contributor to the Gnome Translation Project (GTP), Open Office and Mozilla. And also I am the coordinator of the KDE Sinhala Team. Moreover I am working as a Fedora Ambassador for Sri Lanka and as well as contributing to Fedora Free-Media project.


  • Email: [[MailTo(snavin AT fedoraproject DOT org)] or [[MailTo(danishka AT gmail DOT com)]
  • IRC: hanthana #fedora-admin, #fedora-l10n, #Sinhala-l10n (
  • GPG key: A7064AD2
  • Fedora Account: snavin


  • Language Maintainer - Fedora Sinhala
  • Fedora Ambassador for Sri Lanka
  • Mozilla Browser/toolkit owner
  • Program Coordinator: Fedora Free-Media project Sri Lanka
  • Coordinator KDE Sinhala Localization Project
  • Gnome Translation Project (GTP)
  • Open Office - Sinahala localization
  • Pidgin