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Eric Christensen

I'm an information security guy so I have my pet peeves when it comes to computer users. I have written various papers on e-mail, network, and wireless security that explain the proper ways of setting up security measures that are available via open source solutions.

I'm also an Amateur Radio operator (W4OTN) and used to be heavily involved in RF data communications. Now I'm all about the ability to use data in the field to support emergency operations and during my adventures. You can be sure that Fedora is high on my list of software that is deployed in the field.



Talk: 5102043

IRC: Sparks on the freenode IRC network

Other Information

  • GPG key: 0xD74908ED
  • Location: Newport News, Virginia, USA

Activities within Fedora

Documentation Project

I work as an editor and writer for the Fedora Documentation Project. I working with updating the Software Management Guide and writing the Security Guide. I am also one of the wiki gardeners, attempting to whip this wiki back into shape!