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I am Ferenc Teknős (some call me as Francis Turtle), born in Budapest, at Hungary on 27 February 1985. Currently, I live in Budapest. With Linux, I have met back in 2000, when I was in High school. My first Linux distribution I used was the UHU Linux. (UHU Linux is a Hungarian tailor-made distribution for national development, sadly today seems to be dead, or mostly inactive). UHU Linux Debian has changed for quite some time and I used till picked up the basic operations howto's, and other experiences. Of course as every beginner distro-hopped either, and I tried Debian itself too, among between other Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Mandriva, Mageia, Centos, Scientific Linux. Somehow I much more liked the Rpm-based Linux distributions, and therefore my first one was Suse Linux 9.3.

After a long time Debian Linux Mandriva / Mageia Linux was used. The Fedora met in connection with the CentOS. First I used the Fedora Fedora was the 12th Primarily attend the naturalization within Fedora community.


I have participated in these events:

Mozilla Firefox 4 is the appearance of the celebration. 2011th March 30, Urania Theatre, Hungary

Planned events:
   Skype: blackbird7255
   GPG key: 925EBDE0
   Mobile Phone: -
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