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Thorsten Leemhuis

Email: [[MailTo(fedora AT leemhuis DOT info)]

GPG Key: 74E8A641 Get it by running gpg --recv-key 74E8A641

Languages supported: de, en

Living in: Hannover, Germany




ICQ: 12917159

Birthday: 19770525

IRC: Usually as knurd (formally I was known as thl) on in #fedora-devel and #fedora-de. Feel free to /query or /msg me if there is a real need to. I'm normally online between 07:30 and 21:30 (local German time; "UTC-1" during winters and "UTC-2" during summers) during the week and often online on the weekends, too. I set myself /away if I'm away from keyboard for a short time and change my nick to knurd_afk when I'm away for longer time periods.

I was FESCo's chairman during most of 2006 till Fedora Core and Extras merged in early 2007, when I had to step down from the job due to conflicting interests with my day job. I maintain a few packages in Fedora and helped a lot getting the EPEL effort running. In parallel to my Fedora contributions withing the Fedora project I did and do a lot of work for a well know 3rd-party add-on package repositories for Fedora (and its predecessor).

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