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== Usefull links ==
== Usefull links ==
* [ tagger]
=== Buildsystem ===
=== Buildsystem ===

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Thomas Spura

Member of:

Also interested in:

  • further development of Python3 within fedora
  • scientific computing
    • speeding up python with shedskin or Cython
    • parallel computing like mpi4py
    • parallel programming in general

I am currently sponsoring:

  1. Trond H. Amundsen
  2. Christos Triantafyllidis
  3. Paulo César Pereira de Andrade
  4. David Brown
  5. Chris Leech (Proxy- sponsorship for Andy Grover)

Package Maintainer | sponsored by Christoph Wickert

Proventester | sponsored by James Laska

  • critical path packages to test for F-13
  • All critical path packages to test

Usefull links




Release Engineering