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Fedora Improvements

This page sums suggestions on the improvement of Fedora policy, guidelines, lifecycle, and more.


Packages passing automatically from rawhide to stable branch

  • Problem: Packages automatically pass from rawhide to the stable branch, which threatens the stability of the build if that package is largely unmaintained.
  • Proposed solution #1: Do not move packages to the stable branch if there is a critical bug filed against it.
  • Proposed solution #2: The maintainer must opt in for the package to go to the stable branch.

Review system is not very user friendly

  • Problem: The review process requires the reviewer to do a lot of steps that could be eliminated - download the package, build it, run fedora-review etc.
  • Proposed solution #1: Build package automatically upon submitting, run automatic fedora-review tests, so that the reviewer only has to do manual tests.

Bugs are closed as WONTFIX automatically after some time

  • Problem: Packages are being closed as WONTFIX after some time, which makes tracking poorly-maintained packages more difficult
  • Proposed solution #1: Don't close bugs automatically after a time period.