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Truong Anh Tuan


Start working after being graduated since 1995, I have worked as almost roles in software industry, from software developer, team leader, project manager, product manager to general managers like CTO, CIO and Company president. I have attended to many many FOSS projects from tiny ones under 3 manmonths to large ones several manyears.

I love the freedom in free and/or open source software so I spend almost my time on working together with friends and colleagues to develop, promote FOSS and FOSS communities more and more.

I am currently member of many FOSS communities, domestic as well as international, generic as well as product specific, such as: HanoiLUG, AsiaSource 2, Zimbra, OTRS, Drupal, Fedora, CentOS linux, etc.



IRC: tuanta

GPG key:

Fedora Account: tuanta

Activities within Fedora

Spreading Fedora Linux in Vietnam.