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About Me

My name is Saleem Ansari, known as tuxdna in the Free and Open Source Software communities. I had started contributing to FOSS by creating a group called JMILUG – Linux User Group, Jamia Millia Islamia University – in the year 2005. JMILUG has been serving with its well found purpose for over 9 years now at the University. I started making code contributions to FOSS projects in the year 2006 with my first commit to Parrot VM, and since then I have been a part of many projects and communities, including Fedora Project.

  • Real Name: Saleem Ansari
  • IRC Nick: tuxdna
  • IRC Channels:
* #c, #c++, #fedora-arm, #fedora-embedded, #fedora-india
* #anjuta, #c++