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Oisin "Ush" Feeley

Professionally I'm a GNU/Linux sysadmin for a plethora of small businesses (supporting mostly Fedora and CentOS in the usual heterogeneous environment). I've been using Red Hat Linux since 2.0 and Fedora since Core 1 (Yarrow) and am a RHCE. I work occasionally as a technical writer. I used to be a geneticist and evolutionary biologist and first encountered GNU/Linux as a development environment for coding in C (I had previously been using Borland on Win 3.<something>) and the joy of moving to emacs is still something which I remember).


  • Email: [[MailTo(oisinfeeley AT imapmail DOT org)]

Activities within Fedora

I write the Development section for Fedora Weekly News (FWN) covering the activities of the @fedora-devel list: Since Issue#134 I've become part of the Editorial team.


GnuPG Key:


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Useful Links

Some of the older links floating around which concerned editing the wiki may only be useful for MoinMoin. As everything has now moved to MediaWiki it is best to follow the WikiEditing link as a starting point to learn how to do things.

Fedora Documentation Project style guide: StyleGuide

Technical terms re MediaWiki

to markup footnotes in mediawiki

Testing references

Here is a sentence which contains a ref tag[1] to display a footnote. This is probably what Thorsten wants in terms of a cleaner format. Max started using it but for some reason it does not work. Is it because we are mixing old and new styles or because our mediawiki instance does not have the cite.php module activated? Actually, it would seem that it's because we're not including the appropriate placeholder tag. I guess to ease editorial work we need submitters to explicitly use the markup exactly as above. Also we can't have named references unless each person uses a unigue prefix or something.

The other thing is that we need to have a fresh reference placeholder below each topic in each beat. Do multiple references (see also Citizendium info[1] work, or can there just be one for each page.

Awesome! That worked. Now to test copy and paste for mailshot.