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Vedran Miletić


My name is Vedran Miletić. I am an ex-student of mathematics and informatics, graduated in march 2009. I live in Rijeka, Croatia. Croatia is a really nice country in Central Europe, and Rijeka is a town situated in northwest on the sea coast. It's a nice place, and I like very much.


Professional activities

I work as a teaching assistant in Department of informatics of University in Rijeka. Presently (that is, for academic year 2009./2010.) I am assigned to Computer networks, Operating systems, Distributed systems, Managing network systems and Creating educational systems.


I have been messing with Red Hat and Fedora for quite a long time, and using Fedora as my primary OS since Fedora Core 3. Aside from Fedora, I also use Debian, because, like Fedora, it puts freedom above everything else. I love free software movement and it delights me to see how much it has grown, and I try to get my students intersted in contributing to it. We will see how it goes in the coming months.

Other than that, I have been distributing Linux on CDs and DVDs to anyone who asked about it since 2004. For a while, I was a member of local LUG called RiLinux, but unfortunately it was shut down in 2007. Something similiar is currently being started by students of our department, named HULKRi (as a part of Croatian LUG named HULK, Ri for Rijeka), and I hope it goes well.

I like...

  • computer networks, especially optical fiber ones
  • database systems, especially PostgreSQL
  • server administration, especially Fedora and Debian
  • Python, a language that understands mathematicians
  • Java, because it's not as bad as everyone says
  • X.Org, because it is so old and yet makes all those cool modern things possible
  • ALSA, when it works (and most of the time it does)
  • VirtualBox, because it has helped me run Windows without too much hassle

...and also...

  • summer
  • football
  • computer games
  • board games
  • hiking
  • joga
  • hanging out with friends
  • entertainment
  • five-star hotels
  • good food

...and a lot more.

Activities within Fedora

  • bug triaging (mostly ALSA and X.Org bugs)
  • spreading the word (hope to be ambassador some day)