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= Vinzenz Vietzke =
My name is Vinzenz Vietzke, I'm 26 years old and live in [ Augsburg], southern Germany. I am working as educator/pre-school teacher.
My first (unsatisfying) contact with Linux was in 1999 with Suse 6.0. Since 2006 I'm using Linux as preferred operating system, starting with the unavoidable Ubuntu. Moving to Debian a lot of distributions followed, ending up and staying for a long time at Archlinux.
Since mid-2010 I am "fedoraised" and meanwhile involved myself into the project.
I've been working on various Linux and open source projects, especially on maintaining packages for Archlinux, translating Debian packages and a lot of different tool on [ Launchpad].
As I'm a pre-school teacher my abilities in conversation, explaining and training would be useful - not least for grown ups. :)
== Contact ==
* '''Email''':
* '''twitter''': [ vinzv]
* '''''': [ vinzv]
* '''GPG key''': [ 0xFAF32D9D]
* '''Fedora Account''': vinz
* '''Location''': [ Augsburg], Germany
* '''IRC''': vinzv (typically on #fedora-de, #fedora-social and #fedora-ambassadors)
=== Hardware ===
* ThinkPad SL510: [ smolts profile]
* Asus EeePC 1001Px
* HTC Desire with [ Oxygen]
== Activities within Linux/other projects ==
* former Debian translator
* former Archlinux AUR package maintainer
* translator of various programs on [ Launchpad]
* translator of [ Hootsuite for Android]
== Activities within Fedora ==
* Member of [[FreeMedia]] Group
* Member of [[Marketing]] Group
* Member of [[Ambassadors]] Group
* Member of [[Design]] Team
== Projects within Fedora ==
* [[/Events|Planning events]]
* [[/Projects#Fedora_startpage|rework]] of
* [[/Projects#De-Shirts|idea]] for German fedora shirt
* [ Bugreports]
[[Category:Ambassadors]][[Category:Ambassadors from Germany]]

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