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* [[Communicate#IRC|Fedora IRC Support Op]]
* [[Communicate#IRC|Fedora IRC Support Op]]
* [ Fedora Unity testers group]
* [ Fedora Unity testers group]
* [[Ambassadors/NA|Fedora Ambassador for North America]]
* [[Ambassadors/NA|Regional Mentor with Fedora Ambassadors]]
[[Category:Ambassadors from the USA]]
[[Category:Ambassadors from the USA]]

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[edit] Scott Williams


[edit] About

I graduated from Taylor University with a degree in Psychology, and have worked for four years in software-related jobs. I am currently a computer teacher for a Monetessori school system in Pasadena, CA and a student at Fuller Theological Seminary. I have been enthusiastically using Fedora as my primary desktop OS since fc4, and currently use Fedora and FreeBSD as my favorite OSs. I also have a passion for German cars, especially VWs and Audis.

[edit] Contact

  • Email:
  • IRC: vwbusguy, MadBus
  • Fedora wiki: vwbusguy

[edit] Involvement with Fedora