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** is my ''proudest achievement''
** is my ''proudest achievement''
* is my blog for work-related stuff
* is my blog for work-related stuff
== Never Forget ==
* The legendary ''Bug 998'':
* The origin of the Hot Dog: (also see [ this blog post])
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Will Woods
[[Image:|center|250px|Will Woods]]
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Home: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA (Eastern Time/UTC-5)
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FAS name: wwoods
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IRC nick: wwoods
IRC channels: #fedora-devel, #anaconda
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Hi, I'm Will. I'm a member of the Installation Team at Red Hat. I work on FedUp and Anaconda (mostly the stuff that happens before the GUI starts).

Before 2011 I was self-styled Fedora QA Architect, in charge of development work on AutoQA (and some other bits and pieces). Before that I was the Fedora QA Lead but (lucky for me) there's lots of other talented folks the Fedora QA efforts these days. For questions about Fedora QA you should probably talk to Tim Flink or Adam Williamson these days.

Anyway, you can email me here, or find me on the Freenode IRC network in #fedora-devel or #anaconda.

Here's some other links:

Never Forget

Oh look, {{ #fedorabadgescount: wwoods }} Badges

{{ #fedorabadges: wwoods }}