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=== IRC ===
=== IRC ===
Skype: wabdelatif
Skype: wabdelatif
== Awards & Certifications ==
RHCSA [ Verify My Certificate]

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Wael Abdellatif

This is Wael Abdellatif, a curious Technical Support Engineer at iBAHN (Entertainment solution provider for hospitality industry) and I have been working there for nearly 4 years.

Before, I worked for two years as IT System Engineer at the first leading companies in the Mortgage field in Egypt.


Graduated from Faculty of Engineering, Al Azhar University. Major: Computers & Systems Engineering.


1. Operating Systems (RHEL, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu & Mint). 2. Bash Scripting. 3. Oracle SQL.

Area of Interest

IT Systems Engineering.


1. Reading. 2. Listening to music. 3. Surfing the Net. 4. Going to the Movies.

Contact Me



Skype: wabdelatif

Awards & Certifications

RHCSA Verify My Certificate